Fearless Messengers

Calling all veterans in the Cincinnati area to come together to bless the city and possibly other veterans. One of the pillars of Fearless Messengers is to go out and be active in the community. We aspire to help people in need – veterans or civilians. Servicing is what we do for others.

It’s almost GO-time! We have a great opportunity to partner with People Working Cooperatively (PWC) and it is coming up fast! The Event is called Prepare Affair 2018 and it is basically yard work (raking leaves and whatever else the family needs to be done outside of the home in getting ready for winter) and we have been assigned veteran families, to start with. 

Prepare Affair 2018. Helping the community #usa #military #veterans #army #navy #usmc #airforce

Any veteran free on 12/17/18, 8:30 am that it is interested on blessing the community can contact Sean Davis at sean.davis@crossroads.net

We will meet at the Coffee Kiosk in Crossroads Oakley at 8:30 am on 11/17/18, that morning. Get some coffee, pray, get our work site assignments and head out

The more men we bring, the more Veteran families they will entrust to us, now and in the future, so let’s make it happen.

My care package. I have to be in a good place so I can help my fellow veterans

My care package to myself sending it to moms in Puerto Rico. That way I can go and have some me time in one of Gods greatest creation, The Atlantic Ocean. We have to take care of ourselves so we can continue helping others. #usa #military #veterans #navy #army #airforce #usmc