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Just a quick update on this weekend’s Prepare Affair: The work was good and steady, and so was the conversation. We finished right on time with two very happy and blessed families. We raked leaves for Robert, an Army, and Air Force Vet, as well as Mrs. Nared, a Vietnam Vet widow.
Thanks, Skip and David for Letting your yes be yes (Matthew 5:37 ) and for giving your time to serve.
Tomorrow is our monthly meeting and we are doing something a little different. I really feel like the group could benefit from a more close activity and a fire is known to do that naturally. They make space for awesome conversations and they grow people closer together. With that, we are going to have a FIRESIDE tomorrow night Nov 20th, 6:30 pm in the back of the Annex building, off of Marburg Avenue.
On the map, you see the blue dots that represent the Annex. The green circles are on-street parking right outside where we will be or the corner of the Crossroads lot. The red line is where the fire will be, and you should see it roaring by the time you get here.
Here are some tips for the night:
  • Dress warmly. It should be dry, but chilly
  • Bring a chair
  • Bring a beverage of your choice and/or a snack you like 
That’s it, let me know if you plan to be there!
Have a great day,

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